Real-Ranch Price List
On Farm---Price List by packages
Beef cuts:

Ground Beef  
Stew Meat      
Short Ribs or whole ribs 

​Arm Roast
Pikes Peak
Rump Roast                                                    
Chuck Roast                                                    
Sirloin Tip Roast                                               

NY strip/Loin strip steak                                 
Rib Eye steak 

Fillet/Tenderloin steak                                               
Sirloin  steak 
Round steak                                               
Skirt steak                                                    
Flank steak
Hanging Tender​
​Cube steak-tenderized

Ox Tail   (rarely in stock)    
Beef Fat   
Beef Bones

Real-Ranch---Price List by packages
Lamb cuts:

Wholes and  Halves 

Call or text for current halves/whole prices. 580-320-3228 or email

Deposit required to reserve wholes and halves:
Whole beef deposit = $200.00  
Half beef  deposit= $100.00

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​                                                      Approx. wts.
$6.75 per pound         1 lbs
$6.75 per pound         1 lbs     seasonal
​$6.00 per pound         1-2 lbs 
$4.75 per pound         2-3 lbs

​$7.00 per pound
$7.00 per pound         2-3+ lbs
$7.00 per pound         2-3+ lbs
$7.00 per pound         2-3+ lbs
$7.00 per pound         2-3 lbs  
$8.25 per pound         4-6 lbs
$8.25 per pound         1-2 lbs

$12.50 per pound        1-2 lbs    (2 per pkg)
$13.50 per pound       1.5-2.5 lbs    "

$20.25 per pound       .5-1 lbs        "
$8.00  per pound        1-2 lbs    (1 per pkg)
$7.00 per pound
$7.25 per pound         1-2 lbs
$8.50   per pound       1+ lbs          "
​$8.50  per pound        1+ lbs          "
$7.25   per pound       1+ lbs          "

$4.00 per pound          1 lbs
$4.00 per pound          3-4 lbs
$4.00 per pound          1-3 lbs
$4.99 per pound          1 lbs
$2.20 per pound          various wts.
$3.00 per pound          various wts.

Ground Lamb Out of stock $9.55 per pound 
Loin chops      Out of stock   $12.75 per pound 
Rib chops     Out of stock    $12.00 per pound
Stew meat  Out of stock       $9.50 per pound 
Leg of Lamb                    $9.75 per pound 
Leg Steaks                        $9.75 per pound 
Rack of Lamb Out of stock $12.75 per pound  
Shanks                              $7.00 per pound
Ribs       Out of stock        $6.00 per pound
Shoulder Roast Out of stock  $9.75 per pound

lamb bones Out of stock $5.00 per pound
Lamb Kidney Out of stock   $4.00 per pound
Lamb fries    Out of stock $7.00 per pound
Lamb Liver   Out of stock  $4.50 per pound 

**Free delivery to Ada and Oklahoma City area**
Ada- by appointment
OKC- Third Thursday of every month and around the          end of the month.

100% Grass fed---No grain ever-         because that's what grass fed means!
Find us on instagram@ realranchgrassfed
​Misc. Items:

Pastured Duck eggs                 $6.50

Summer sausage                      $9.00
        with w/jalapenos and cheese