Real-Ranch Price List
On Farm---Price List by packages
Beef cuts:

Ground Beef  
Stew Meat      
Short Ribs or whole ribs 

​Arm Roast
Pikes Peak
Rump Roast                                                    
Chuck Roast                                                    
Sirloin Tip Roast 
London Broil Roast                                              

NY strip/Loin strip steak                                 
Rib Eye steak 
F  illet/Tenderloin steak                                               
Sirloin  steak 
Round steak                                               
Skirt steak                                                    
Flank steak
Hanging Tender​
​Cube steak-tenderized

Ox Tail   (rarely in stock)    
Beef Fat   
Beef Bones

Real-Ranch---Price List by packages
Lamb cuts:

Wholes and  Halves 

Call or text for current halves/whole prices. 580-320-3228 or email

Deposit required to reserve wholes and halves:
Whole beef deposit = $200.00  
Half beef  deposit= $100.00

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​                                                      Approx. wts.
$6.75 per pound         1 lbs
$6.75 per pound         1 lbs     seasonal
​$6.00 per pound         2-3 lbs 
$4.75 per pound         3-4 lbs

​$7.00 per pound
$7.00 per pound         3+ lbs
$7.00 per pound         3+ lbs
$7.00 per pound         3+ lbs
$7.00 per pound         3+ lbs 
$7.00 per pound         3+ lbs 
$8.25 per pound         6-10 +lbs
$8.25 per pound         2+    lbs

$12.50 per pound        2-3 lbs    (2 per pkg)
$13.50 per pound       2.5-4+  lbs    "
$20.25 per pound       .7-1.5 lbs        "
$8.00  per pound        1-2+ lbs    (1 per pkg)
$7.00 per pound
$7.25 per pound         1.5-2+ lbs
$8.50   per pound       1+ lbs          "
​$8.50  per pound        1+ lbs          "
$7.25   per pound       2  lbs          "

$4.00 per pound          1 lbs
$4.00 per pound          3-4 lbs
$4.00 per pound          1-3 lbs
$4.99 per pound          1+ lbs
$2.20 per pound          various wts.
$3.00 per pound          various wts.

Ground Lamb   
Loin Chops      
Rib Chops 
sirloin chops   
Stew Meat
Leg of Lamb  
Leg Steaks  
Rack of Lamb   
Shoulder Roast

Lamb Bones      
Lamb Kidney     
Lamb Fries        
Lamb Liver
tongue                                  $4.50 per pound
fat                                         $3.50 per pound     

**Free delivery to Ada and Oklahoma City area**
Ada- by appointment
OKC, Norman, Edmond and others-           Delivery at least 2 times a month.

100% Grass fed---No grain ever-         because that's what grass fed means!
Find us on instagram @realranchgrassfed
$9.55 per pound 
$12.75 per pound 
$12.75 per pound
$12.75 per pound
$9.75 per pound 
$9.75 per pound 
$9.75 per pound
$9.75 per pound 
$12.75 per pound  
$7.00 per pound
$5.75 per pound
$9.75 per pound
$5.75 per pound

$5.00 per pound
$4.00 per pound
$7.00 per pound
$4.50 per pound 

       *** New Product***
Enjoy farm-made tallow candles from the grassfed cattle that we raise on our ranch. 

Ingredients: Grassfed beef Tallow, Beeswax, & scent.(most of the scents are phthalate free)
 This is an 8 oz. jar
$7.00- with basic canning lid.
($2.00 more for vintage lid)

Current scents:
Butternut Pumpkin
memories of home
Dickens Christmas
Pomegranate Cider
Sweet Snow

(Free local delivery when accompanied by a meat order)

We give you the healthiest choice in meats....
   Forms of payment accepted:

     Cash, check and cash app
**To place an order text me your location and what cuts you would like and I will get back to you with a total and an estimated delivery time.