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We raise St. Croix hair sheep and St. Croix crosses. Our lamb is moved to fresh pasture every day or so. They are naturally parasite resistant and like our beef, are not given any growth hormones/ implants or antibiotics.  Hair sheep are known for being milder in taste than wool sheep.
Our beef cows are bred to Pharo Angus bulls.
​It takes at least 24-28 months to properly finish a grassfed beef animal. All of our animals are not given any growth hormones/implants or antibiotics.  These steers are a few of our finishing animals-summer of 2015.

Paul and Shari Morrison
11714 CR 1690 
Roff, OK  74865
cell 580-320-3228

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100% Grass fed---No grain ever-              because that's what grass fed means!
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