Real-Ranch------Our Story
Paul is a fourth generation full time 
cattle rancher in his family. He grew up
on a large cattle ranch in the foothills of
the Sierra Nevada's in California and 
after college managed the family ranch 
for over 20 years before making the 
move to Oklahoma. Shari has had 
experience and worked on her family's 
commercial turkey farm that was forced
to use "large company ideas" of growing 
poultry.  She saw first hand how most 
poultry is raised. Our experience has 
shown us the good and the bad of the
industries and we are convinced that
pastured poultry and grass fed beef
are the healthiest and the most beneficial 
choice for ourselves and you, our 
customers.  We were blessed to be with 
our children every day and our girls enjoyed being involved with cattle work from a very young age. We have three beautiful daughters, the BEST son-in-laws, and the most adorable grandkids! Together we have been raising beef for all of our married life, over 30 years now! Real Ranch is a local family owned ranch in the Texoma area and would love the opportunity to supply you with high quality Certified Grassfed meat!

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Paul and Shari Morrison

11714 CR 1690 
Roff, OK  74865
cell 580-320-3228

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