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Welcome to Real-Ranch
Real-Ranch is a two thousand acre cattle ranch located in South Central Oklahoma, south of Ada, OK. Our location over the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer ensures plenty of water for our grass fed beef.  Our property is also rich in limestone which transfers to high quality grass for our livestock.  We practice rotational grazing on all of our livestock.  The animals look forward to, and enjoy moving to fresh pasture every day or so. This practice is better for the land, livestock and the wildlife.  We practice low stress cattle handling and our cattle are never raised in a feedlot situation.  We can proudly say that we have never owned an electric cattle prod and never will.  Our animals are never given hormone implants; instead we use good genetics to achieve what we desire.  We believe in raising grass fed beef on pesticide and herbicide free pastures, and that is exactly what we do.  Our animals are all born and raised here on our ranch and stay here until they are taken to the USDA processors. They have only had their mothers milk and the grass that they graze on their entire life.    Our beef and lamb are 100% grain free!  The last few months or so before an animal is processed, they are moved to our better pastures to complete what is called "grass finishing". This is the time when they put on more of the "good fat" that makes grass finished beef and lambs so tasty.  For beef, the whole process takes at least two years.

If you are looking for high quality meat  you've come to the right place. At Real-Ranch we offer the best in grass finished beef and lamb.   Our goal is to provide you with a product that is healthy for your entire family.  Although we are not certified organic, we use organic practices on our ranch.

Paul and Shari Morrison
11714 CR 1690 
Roff, OK  74865
cell 580-320-3228

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100% Grass fed---No grain ever-
      because that's what grass fed means!

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